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            Dye intermediates , Intermediate and developer

            Professional manufacturer




            Modern scientific research and testing institutes have established long-term cooperative relations with Wuxi Institute of Chemical Industry and Nanjing University.

            Dye intermediates

            Intermediate and developer

            Founded in 1988, Wuxi Huiyou Chemical Co., Ltd. is located in Wuxi Dongbu economic development zone. It is close to Xihu road, is 5km away from the Wuxi east exit of Jinghu expressway and 10km away from Wuxi airport. We got the certificate of ISO9001 quality system in May, 2003. At present, we have CNY 12 millions of fixed assets and 118 employees, 22 of whom are technicians. The floor area is about 10,000sqm.
            Huiyou offers 2 types of products now, including dye intermediate and developer intermediate. As an exclusive supplier of Kodak, our developer intermediate products have got the quality certificates from Kodak.

            Wuxi Huiyou Chemical Co., Ltd.

            Wuxi Huiyou Chemical Co., Ltd.

            Add: Tuanjie village, An town, Xishan district, Wuxi, Jiangsu, China

            Zip code:214105

            General manager: Zhao Yu +86-13801519880

            Tel: +86-510-88786688

            Fax: +86-510-88786988

            E-mail: sales@huiyouchem.com

            URL: www.vandyke.com.cn

            Customer satisfaction is the starting point and destination of Huiyou Company

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